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Our Mortgage Calculators

These calculators will help you make informed decisions.

Loan Repayments

Loan Repayments Calculator

Better than most mortgage calculators because this one also lets you calculate your savings by making small changes to how you repay your loan. It'll save you a fortune! 

Repayments Guide

At the push of a button this guide gives you a range of loan repayments based on a range of interest rates.  You'll get all the answers you could possibly want from a loan repayments calculator. 

Buying a house and managing a home loan

My Borrowing Power

A calculator can't substitute real life experience but this one does a good job.  To find out the real answer though, get a pre-approval so you know exactly how much you can borrow.

My Rent As A Mortgage

If you want to know how much your rent would equate to when servicing a mortgage, this simple calculator will tell you.

How Much Will My Savings Get Me?

Got $180,000 and want to know how much you could borrow at 80%.  Easy - do it here. (Answer $720,000 to buy a house for $900,000)

How Much Will I Need To Save?

Work out the savings you'll need to meet an LVR limit - e.g. say you want to stick to 85% LVR and buy a house for say $1.2 million.  You'll need $180,000.

How Long Will It Take Me To Save My Deposit?

This is our Budget To Buy calculator.  With a quick easy budget you'll figure out how long it will take you to save your deposit for the house you have in mind.  We take account of your current savings too.

Break Cost Calculator

It is so easy to work out how many months it will take you to recover the costs of breaking your fixed interest rate loan.  It takes out the guess work so you can make an informed choice. 

Buying an investment property

Viability Model

Work out how much debt a property can service from its cash flow. Another calculator that takes out the guess work so you are well informed.

Viability Guide For Investors

Another one-touch calculator that tells you how much debt a property will service over a range of interest rates.