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Land Information Memorandum or LIM

A report available from a local authority or council that sets out everything they know about the property. For example, building consents, rates owing, drainage and problems with flooding or instability of the land..

LIMs include historical and current information on commercial and residential properties.

If you are interested in buying a property, you can apply for a LIM to help you thoroughly check it out. A LIM will, among other things, give information on the zoning of the property and will identify whether the proper building consents have been obtained for any additions and alterations.

LIM information normally includes:

  • any special feature of the land that the local council knows about including the downhill movement, gradual sinking or wearing away of any land, the falling of rock or earth, flooding of any type and possible contamination or hazardous substances
  • information the council holds on private and public stormwater and sewerage drains
  • rates information
  • any consents, notices, orders or requisitions affecting the land or buildings
  • District Plan classifications that relate to the land or buildings
  • any other classifications on the land or buildings notified to the council by network utility operators in relation to the Building Act 2004
  • any other information the council deems relevant.