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How much can I borrow to buy a house?

Use an online calculator or get pre-approved finance.

Our "how much can I borrow?" calculator is a good start, but it is no substitute for a personalized assessment.

Perhaps you know how much you would like to pay each month and just want to know what this converts to as a loan.  If so, see how this works here


Start with the calculators

For a general idea you could use our calculators but please remember;

  • it is difficult to make a calculator that can apply experience and judgment when assessing how much you could borrow, and
  • everyone's situation is unique so don't accept the calculated results as final.


The best way to find out

Our brokers are real people with real knowledge and experience, so they are better qualified than a calculator to advise you of how much you could potentially borrow to buy a house.

Contact us to discuss, or get a pre-approved now.