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How do I know that my bank is doing the best for me?

You would probably need to research a wide range of options to be confident that you bank was doing the best for you.

Read about conflicts of interest and what a bank can't do here.

  • Banks can only offer you their products, which may not be suitable, and may not be the best available, to achieve your financial goals.

  • The bank should be expert in their products, but they are seldom experts on their competition.  Even if they know that their competitors have a more suitable product for you, the bank is unlikely to recommend it. 
  • Innovations come to the market frequently and mortgage brokers keep in-touch with the innovations as well as the 'tried and true'.
  • For leading edge solutions and innovative products, you should use a professional.  A professional mortgage broker can assess a range of options, including your bank's products.


If you would like to know more about your bank's offer versus what else is available, please don't hesitate to contact us to discuss things.