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Refinance tips, a checklist.

A quick refinance checklist

Change bank accounts, change insurance and notify relevant parties.

Bank accounts

Try and avoid the chaos of closing a bank account too soon and having no cash!  There are a few things to do and we recommend that you keep bank accounts open for 1 or 2 months to ensure a smooth transition between old and new. 

  • Automatic payments.  Get a list from your bank and ask your new bank to set these up.  Stop the old APs when the new ones are in place.
  • Direct debits.  Some common debits are utilities (phone, power, gas, television), rates, credit cards and loans. Contact the companies involved and request a new direct debit form. 
  • Ensure ATM and internet access is set up.
  • Get a cheque book (if necessary).



The new lender needs to be recorded on your insurance policy. 

  • House insurance.  Contact your insurer with details of the new lender. 
  • Risk insurance.  It is a good time for a quick review of your insurances.  We can organize an insurance broker to contact you. 



Don't forget to tell anyone that pays into your bank account. 

  • Payroll.  Make sure your pay reaches the new account.
  • Inland Revenue.  If you receive payments from IRD, notify them of your new account.
  • Shares and investments.  Notify any share registries and other investments that may pay funds to your account.