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Facing A Mortgagee Sale

You will need a skilled and experienced mortgage broker to help prevent a mortgagee sale.

Equity is the key

Equity is critical to a first mortgage lender, or buying some time with a second mortgage.

When a mortgagee sale is threatened, we are essentially working to save your equity

The more equity you have, the easier it will be to find a solution. 


  • If you have very little equity, and the mortgagee is forcing the sale of your property, we may not be able to find a solution.  
  • If you have a good level of equity (LVR is less than 70%) then we may be able to help.


It helps to understand the background first

We will need to understand why the mortgagee is pursuing the sale of your property. 

The reasons behind a threatened mortgagee sale can sometimes be relatively minor and easily resolved, though often a new lender is required.

If you are unable to meet your loan repayments due to a change in your personal circumstances, then the choices for alternative finance might be limited. 

If you fell behind with your loan repayments due to an event which has passed, but you can now meet your obligations, then we may have some options.  

Perhaps other asset sales are required to protect the equity in your house. 

There are many situations in which we may be able to help, but one of the keys to the solution will be your equity. 


If you don't want to sell

You may have some alternatives, but we won't know until we assess your situation. 

  • If you have a good level of equity, the best thing to do is to register and complete our loan application pages. 
  • If you're not sure whether we can help, use our broker contact form