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Mortgage Refinance Options

Our mortgage brokers will aim to both save you money and align you with the right lender to achieve your financial goals.

Refinancing a home loan could save you money but most importantly, it should set you up with a lender who will help you achieve your financial goals. 

Competitive interest rates will be important but there may be other considerations as well, which we can assess for you. 


It isn't always about interest rates

It is a matter of analysis as to which lender will best suit your needs and meet your criteria. 

The following factors may have different levels of importance to you, so we will balance these in our assessment. 

  • A lender to suit your goals now, and in the future.
  • Flexible loan products.
  • Competitive interest rates and fees.
  • A criteria which gives you the ability to top-up your loan if you need it.
  • Debt repayment in line with your time-frames.


When we consider refinancing your mortgage, this is what we aim to deliver

  1. A financial benefit to you (see our note about costs below). 
  2. A strategy and a lender to help you achieve your goals.
  3. A stress-free changeover.


Your financial benefit will take account of the costs involved

Costs can be obtained from your bank (and lawyer) before proceeding. 

Costs could include:

  1. Fixed interest rate break fees (if applicable).
  2. Early repayment administration fees and mortgage discharge fees (estimate $400 - $700).
  3. Legal expenses and disbursements (estimate $700 - $1,000).


Getting started on refinancing your loan

We will assess your online loan application and will be in touch to clarify any areas of the application, and to find out from you what you want to achieve with your refinance, over the short to medium term.

Tip:  In order to look at a prime lender refinance (that's refinancing to the main banks), you will need to show that you have made your current loan repayments in full, and on time, for the past 6 months. 


Here is a quick list of what we will need

Below is a fairly standard list of things we will need from you.  Other information may be required, and we will cover this with you once we have completed our initial analysis.

  • Online loan application completed.
  • Identification: copy of passport or drivers licence.
  • Verification of your income: might include payslips, letter from employer, copy of employment contract, financial accounts, tenancy agreements (for rental income).  We will tell you what is required. 
  • Verification of your property's market value: might include a report by a registered valuer.  We will let you know what market value mechanism will be best for your situation.
  • Loan repayment history: six months loan repayment history for all debts we are refinancing.
  • Account conduct: three months bank statements for your day to day account (where your income is credited to).

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