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The Broker And The Bank

As a mortgage broker business, we bridge the gap between borrowers and lenders with expert advice and a level of service that you just can't get from a bank.

Freedom Of Choice

Banks will only sell 'their' home loan products. 

Banks don't offer competitive alternatives or advice on what else is available. This is a bit like a shop that only stocks one size or one colour and can't tell you where to get the right size or the colour you want, which is okay if you don't want some choice. 

We like to offer our customers the freedom of choice.  


A little bit of background on the bank versus the broker

Starting with the bank...

Banks and other lenders are responsible for protecting their savers and investors money, so banks make prudent decisions about what (or who) they will invest 'your' savings with.  This is an important function of a bank and we all benefit from having safe places to invest our money. 

As well as looking after your savings, banks must on-lend this money at a profit.  So, at this point the bank becomes the investor looking for a safe place to put 'your' money.  In many ways, the bank is a broker between savers and borrowers.  Banks are very skilled at investing their savers money wisely - which is good because we don't want them losing our money.

Unfortunately, this means that banks will not always agree to on-lend money to anyone and everyone, which means that some people seeking money will be declined by the bank.  But remember, the bank has only one set of investment criteria - theirs!


What about the broker?

At Mortgage Warehouse we have relationships with many banks and mortgage lenders to introduce business which meets a range of investment criteria.  Our role requires us to understand all the investment criteria of all our lenders so we don't waste our customers time, or our lenders time. 

We offer a true service because we don't make the products but, we have access to a wide range of products made by a wide range of lenders.  We think this gives our customers a big advantage over being tied to a single product supplier - like a bank. 

We have a thorough understanding of all the products that we 'sell' and we keep this knowledge updated constantly.  Furthermore, as our customers know, having easy access to a wide range of home loan products via Mortgage Warehouse is tied with the added bonus of our service and expertise.


This is our business

At Mortgage Warehouse, we are passionate about the role of broking to provide mortgage and finance solutions for Kiwis, exclusively on-line.

We are often able to help because;

  1. we have a range of home loan products available from a range of banks and other lenders,
  2. we work hard to find solutions using real people with real knowledge and experience,
  3. we write our advice down, and
  4. we do it all on-line.

Mortgage Warehouse provides home loans from New Zealand banks and other lenders for home buyers, property investors and property developers.

You can apply here for access to a range of mortgage refinance options and home loans from banks and other specialist mortgage lenders.