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Commercial property or development finance

There are no hard and fast rules in this sector of the market. We have an experienced finance broker covering property development and commercial lending.

Loans secured by commercial property

The stand-alone Loan to Value Ratios traditionally range up to 70%, higher in some cases but this would be the exception to the rule.  Depending on the nature of the property the possible LVR may be much less than 70%.

Commercial property finance is a specialist field and we work with traditional and specialist lenders for the purpose. 

In the first instance, an email outline of the proposal is helpful. 


Property development finance

Development finance is specialised and requires individual assessment.  It is not practical to provide general guidelines here because every case is unique and needs individual consideration.  

We work with a network of traditional bank lenders, specialist lenders and mezzanine financiers that are active in the property development sector.  

An email outline of the proposal is useful to begin with.