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Building Loans

An experienced mortgage broker can save you hours of time and hassle, and make sure the finance works out as it is supposed to.

Building a house can be a busy time and there is a lot to think about.  Having the finance well organised so that you can pay for the building as it progresses is very important.

If construction is not completed a bank could be left with a half-finished project as security for its loan.  Lenders are very careful to ensure that their loan is well secured during the construction phase and that sufficient funding is available to complete the construction as planned.  Anything less is unsatisfactory for both parties.

Construction loans are often complex and it is critical to get it right.  For a more detailed explanation of this topic, see here.


The right finance is critical

It is very important to have the right funding for the job.  Your time is best spent making sure that the construction goes to plan and that you get what you are paying for, in terms of the plans and specifications for your house.

The finance can be taken care of.

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